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26 December
Michigan, United States
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action action, alkaline trio, all-american rejects, alternative, andrew wk, art, atreyu, bad religion, bandfiction, bass, bert mccracken, billie joe, bisexuality, blood, body art, bondage, bowling for soup, brand new, branden steineckert, bury your dead, coffins, concrete blonde, dark, dark rooms, dead kennedys, death, die trying, drawing, dropkick murphies, fall out boy, family guy, fire, flogging molly, frank iero, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, funeral for a friend, futurama, gerard way, green day, green day slash, hair dye, horror, horror movies, jeph howard, kissing in the rain, knives, letter kills, linkin park, listening to the rain, mike dirnt, mikey way, movies, music, my chemical romance, painting, papa roach, pastels, photography, piercings, poetry, puddles, quinn allman, rain, rancid, ray toro, rise against, rock music, running with scissors, screamo, senses fail, sex pistols, sharpies, silverstein, six feet under, sketches, sketching, sleeping, strawberries, straylight run, summer nights, the black maria, the casualties, the clash, the distillers, the horrorpops, the killers, the simpsons, the used, thunderstorms, tre cool, vampires, vans, vans warped tour, velvet revolver, wiccan, writing
My favorite band is Green Day, although its not like they're the only thing I listen to. I'm extremely fucked up in the head, and don't care if you care or not. I'm into music and the arts. Especially Music and Photography, although I sketch a lot, as well. I am bisexual and proud, if that bothers you for some reason fuck off, I don't care. I'm also a vegetarian, and believe in a lot of things, and am in no circumstances Chrisitan or Catholic. FYI: I have no intrest in being converted, either.

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